Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook famously said “I’m not bossy—I’m the boss,” in her 2013 best-seller “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead.”  And Tina Fey once said “bitches get stuff done,” as she was talking about former first lady Hillary Clinton during her stint on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.

In today’s realm of women’s empowerment, it’s a no brainer that females everywhere are calling upon #girlbosses and #ladybosses in the entrepreneur realm to bend gender norms and shatter the glass ceiling. Rachel Bloom, a breakout star in the CW network’s “Crazy Ex Girlfriend,” encompasses this with incredibly dead on humor in her women’s empowerment anthem, “#Ladyboss.”


The music video, made to honor Vanity Fair’s first Founders Fair conference that celebrates female entrepreneurs, is a perfect anthem to describe the issue female leaders often face in the workplace. This video is funny and smart, and it touches on a real issue that’s still problematic for most women in the workforce.

Some of these common workplace conundrums Rachel Bloom riffs on include the questions like “How much boob is too much boob?” “If I give a shit, does that make me weak?” and “Being a boss is empowering, but also kind of weird?”.  They sound ridiculous written out like this, yet truth is these are the types of questions that can run through women’s heads in the workplace, or worse become real discussion points about female leaders, while parallel discussions would never occur regarding male counterparts.


Watch Bloom’s hilarious an true representation in her music video here.