Yul Kaseman

Meet YulBlog

Yul Kaseman is a seasoned business development professional who has amassed over twenty years of experience within the financial services and consulting industries. She has recently transitioned into the real estate industry, currently serving as the Director of Business Development for Bright Architecture, a Brooklyn-based architectural firm.

About Bright Architecture

Specializing in high-end residential, commercial interiors, and boutique office and retail spaces, Bright Architecture’s practice is rooted in the command of architecture as a craft, to provide clarity and simplicity to the spaces they create. Yul Kaseman is part of an experienced team that understands how to create spatial products that enable growing businesses to scale and flourish.

For Kaseman, it has been a pleasure to apply her extensive business acumen to help build strategic relationships with brand name companies as well as look for improvements that enhance the overall image of the architectural firm. She enjoys the constant challenge of solving problems and searching for new ways to grow the firm’s clientele.

Yul Kaseman’s Background

Most recently, Yul Kaseman served as a consultant for Kaseman Associates, LLC, an outsourced business development company she established in 2009. The firm assisted hedge fund clients, ranging from start-up funds to funds over $1 billion in size, with marketing strategies, presentation skills, due diligence questionnaires, and other marketing materials. Furthermore, she liaised with vendors and services providers, sourced and presented options, negotiated agreements, and implemented processes for new service providers.

Previously, Yul Kaseman served in a variety of roles with Morgan Stanley throughout her eleven-year tenure with the organization. Early in her career, Kaseman worked extensively in controllers, operations, and derivatives valuation and marketing. She later shifted into prime brokerage and business development roles, which were heavily client-focused. As Vice President of Capital Introductions as well as Vice President of Prime Brokerage Sales, Kaseman worked to build relationships with new clients and assist clients with investors as well as with their internal operations.

How to Brand Your Business

As you’re developing your business, most owners will concentrate on getting customers to generate revenue or hiring enough employees to match customer demand. As great as these aspects are, it’s important to remember that branding is crucial to any business.

My Experiences from the 2017 FounderMade Wellness Summit

On a brisk Friday morning in the beginning of February, I attended the 2017 FounderMade Wellness Summit at Spring Studios in New York City. Although I have a background in business and finance, the architectural company I currently work for, Bright Architecture, has quite a few wellness clients in their client base so the conference was relevant and timely.

Yul Kaseman is a graduate of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in both Finance and Strategic Management as well as a minor in Japanese. Currently residing in New York City, Kaseman is an avid reader and enthusiastic supporter of the Public Library System. During her free time, she also enjoys volunteering her time at her child’s school, leading several different committees.

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